Do you want to know how to avoid breakdowns this summer? Bridgefoot Bodyshop are here to help!

Summer is here, meaning it’s time for road trips, holidays, and long drives with the family.

However, breakdowns are all too common during the summer months, putting a damper on your holiday plans.

In this blog post, Bridgefoot Bodyshop discusses some tips on avoiding summer breakdowns by focusing on three key areas: battery-related problems, tyres, and clutches.

How to avoid breakdowns this summer

Battery-Related Problems

Batteries are the number one offender for causing summer breakdowns.

Increased stop-start activity, more short journeys, and the additional demand on the battery from entertainment devices can all contribute to battery issues. Consider replacing an aging battery before a long road trip to prevent this.

A three-year replacement cycle is a good rule of thumb, as problems can occur once batteries reach four or five years of age.

Additionally, be cautious about taking numerous short trips in the summer, particularly if you have multiple devices plugged in.

If you regularly use your car for short journeys, check and charge your battery at least once a week, especially if it’s over three years old.


For many car owners, the annual holiday may be the longest trip they take all year. This can quickly highlight any lurking issues with tyres.

Cracked, aged rubber may cope with a run to the shops but could rapidly fail if subjected to more intensive use.

Before any long journey, check your tyres for cracks or distortions in the rubber.

Regularly check your tyre pressures, and if you notice one tyre consistently has a lower pressure than the others, it could be a sign of a slow puncture or a faulty valve.

Always check your tyre pressures and conditions before embarking on a long trip, and consult your car manual for the recommended tyre pressures.


Your clutch can take a real beating in the summer. Busier roads and driving on unfamiliar terrains can result in added strain on your clutch.

Towing, especially if done incorrectly, can also lead to clutch failure.

To prevent clutch issues, familiarise yourself with your route and the local roads around your holiday destination.

Watch for warning signs of wear, such as a heavy or gritty pedal, a high clutch bite, or signs that your clutch is slipping when you accelerate hard in a high gear at low speed.

If you have any doubts or concerns, book your car into a reputable garage and speak to a professional.

Changing your clutch is often less expensive than you might think and can save you from the stress of a holiday breakdown.

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Taking care of your car’s battery, tyres, and clutch can significantly reduce the chances of experiencing a breakdown during your summer road trip.

Being proactive and addressing any potential issues before setting off can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for you and your family.

So, follow these tips, and have a fantastic, stress-free summer on the road!

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